seo course malaysia

Many brands and companies know (or think they know) that they need SEO for their digital stuffs, and the benefits they will get from that SEO work that is being implemented on their behalf.

SEO will no doubt improve the search proficiency and overall visibility of a website, but what other real value does it offer? Why is SEO so important – especially to businesses?

These 5 reasons should offer some clarity, regardless of the industry or the size of the company, as to why companies need SEO to take their brand to the next level.

seo course malaysia

1. Organic search is often the main source of website traffic

Organic search is an important part of the website’s performance for most businesses, as well as a critical component of the buyer’s funnel and, ultimately, causes users to complete a conversion or commitment.

As marketers know, Google owns a significantly larger portion of the search market than its competitors like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and many, many others.

That does not mean that all search engines do not contribute to the visibility of a brand, they do, it’s just that Google owns approximately 75 percent of the search market in general. He is the clear leader and, therefore, it is important to follow his guidelines.

But the remaining 25 percent of the market owned by other engines is also obviously valuable for brands.

Google, being the most visited website in the world (as well as specifically in the United States), is also the most popular email provider in the world (with more than 1 billion users). Not to mention that YouTube is the second largest search engine.

We know that a clear majority of the world that has Internet access is visiting Google at least once a day to get information.

Being highly visible as a trusted resource of Google and other search engines will always work in favor of a brand. Quality SEO and a high quality website carries brands there.

2. SEO builds trust and credibility

The goal of any experienced SEO is to establish a solid foundation for a beautiful website with a clean and effective user experience that is easily detectable in the search, with acknowledgements to the credibility and trust of the brand.

Many elements enter into establishing authority with respect to search engines like Google. In addition to the factors mentioned above, authority accumulates over time as a result of elements such as:

  • Quality backlink profiles.

  • Positive user behavior.

  • Automatic learning signals.

  • Elements and content optimized on the page.

But instituting such buff will do more for a brand than most, if not all, other optimizations. The problem is that it is impossible to generate confidence and credibility overnight, as in real life. Authority is earned and built over time.

Establishing a brand as an authority requires patience, effort and commitment, but it is also based on offering a valuable product and service that allows customers to trust a brand.

3. Good SEO directly translates to a better user experience

Everyone wants better organic rankings and maximum visibility. Few realize that the optimal user experience is an important part of getting there.

Google has learned to interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience, and a positive user experience has become a fundamental element for the success of a website.

The customers know what they want. If you cannot find it, there will be a problem. And the performance will suffer.

A clear example of how to build a solid user experience is how Google has increasingly become a response engine that offers the data searched directly in the SERPs (search engine result pages) for users.

The intention is to offer users the information they seek in fewer clicks, quickly and easily.

SEO quality incorporates a positive user experience, taking advantage of it to work in favor of a brand.

4. Local SEO means greater commitment, traffic and conversions

With the growing and growing domination of mobile traffic, local search has become a fundamental part of the success of small and medium enterprises.

Local SEO aims to optimize its digital properties for a specific neighborhood, so that people can find it quickly and easily, bringing them one step closer to a transaction.

Local optimizations focus on towns, cities, regions and even specific states to establish a viable medium for a brand’s messages locally.

SEO professionals do this by optimizing the brand’s website and its content, including local dating and marketing.

5. SEO affects the purchase cycle

The clients do their research. That is one of the greatest advantages of the internet from the perspective of the buyer.

The use of SEO tactics to relay your messages to get good offers, innovative products and / or services, and the importance and reliability of what you offer to customers will change the game.

Without a doubt, it will also have a positive impact on the purchase cycle when done correctly.

The marks must be visible in the places where people need them to establish a worthy connection. Local SEO improves visibility and allows potential customers to find the answers, and the companies that provide them.